Trademe Username: good.grace


Hey everyone – if you didn’t know already we also list some of our items on Trademe. Our username is good.grace and you can check out our auctions here:

We’ve started a brand new Trademe account for our business but just so you know and for your peace of mind, we are experienced sellers on the Trademe platform with great feedback over the many years we’ve traded there. After closing down our last business a few years ago due to other work commitments its now time to start afresh.

Trademe still has a major chunk of the online audience when it comes to buying and selling so yes we have our own website but we’ll continue to use a number of channels to reach our customers.

Please add us as a favourite seller on Trademe so you’ll be notified of our new listings – scroll down the search list to ‘members’ and you’ll find us by searching good.grace (don’t forget the dot in between).

Also if you’re looking for something in particular I’m thinking of adding a wanted list to my website ….so people can add the things they’re looking for…like a giant shopping list for me. I’d be happy to scout around on my travels and look out for things for you so look out for that…coming soon.

We do of course also sell here on our website, so please check out our new shop as well. Its a bit light at the moment but we will be listing more items daily.

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