The Humble Soap Shaker

Hey All – I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but we have an amazing new product for sale now. Well its pretty much a reproduction of what they used over a hundred years ago to wash dishes – the humble soap cage / soap shaker/ soap saver. There are various names for the utensil but essentially its a stainless steel cage with a handle that holds your soap. You can wash your dishes, use it in the laundry or even hold your shampoo soap in the shower.

Soap Cage Soap Shaker
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Say No To Plastic

This is one of the most simple ways to avoid buying plastic detergent bottles. The stainless steel manufacture is durable and there are a number of companies making dish soaps now Fair + Square, Smashed Avocados to name just a couple. Best of all its an easy sacrifice to make.

Kids Love the Bubbles

Many kids love helping to make the bubbles for washing up (honestly not that you need bubbles to wash dishes) but I still remember helping my Grandma with her old soap shaker many years ago.

Two Soap Shakers

We recommend purchasing two soap shakers to avoid cross contamination between your laundry and kitchen.


The best part is we have a sale on at the moment – just $24 for the next week. Sale Ends September 30th 2020. So get in quick!

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