The super duper wanted list of things that you’re looking for.

As mentioned in my previous post I thought it might be a good idea to do at least one post about finding stuff for you. What exactly is on your personal ‘must have’ want list? Most of you work and don’t have the time to find the treasures you’re looking for but luckily I can, so please let me know what it is you’re wanting to find.

If you look down the bottom of this post, theres a comments section … if theres something you’d like me to look out for on my travels please drop me a comment below and I’ll add it to my ‘lil black book. Simple as.

Arabia Finland by Ulla Procope GA3 Teapot just listed on Trademe

Find of the week

I’m going to try and keep you updated on some of the best finds each week too. I stumbled across this GA3 beauty and then at the very next place I went to, I found some Arabia Finland by Ulla Procope Ruska Cups. I couldn’t believe my luck as this stuff just gets harder and harder to find. The design is just wonderful.

Arabia Finland by Ulla Procope Pair – Ruska

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You can also email directly if you’d rather not leave your wanted list via comments – love to hear from you

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