I’m an avid op shopper, second hand searcher, treasure hunter and needle in a haystack finder. I was right in the middle of setting up this fabulous online shop when our second covid-19 lockdown happened in Auckland.

As we’re based in Auckland, this left my plans up in the air, but hey we’re getting used to that in 2020! My plans will still happen, they’re just taking a slightly different path right now and a slight delay.

I started to look around for a good supply of fabric masks for everyday wear, during the Auckland lockdown. The Ministry of Health recently made face masks mandatory on public transport and we’ve had quite a rush of sales since – so thank you for your support its been awesome.

face masks on a line

The Future

Since my website was about three quarters complete – needs must – I highjacked the Good Grace website for the interim to help meet the demand for good quality face masks around New Zealand.

Very soon you’ll be able to find good quality designer, retro, vintage, antique and new items on our Good Grace website. We’ll be delayed a few weeks but we will get there. So remember to pop back regularly ❤️